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Stables information

NEW BOARDERS should contact TBA for
details and stall availability

The Ravensway stables are operated under the authority of the Ravensway - Saracen Park Home Owners Association.

Predominately for residents of Ravensway the Stables at it's discretion may allow non-residents to board. The facility is operated similar to a co-op where all boarders are required to participate in work days and do everyday routine chores and maintenance. 

Any person who wants to ride at the stables and is a non-resident must fill out release of liability prior to engaging in activity at the facility. This form must be turned in to the contracts person or to the Secretary of the committee prior to activity at the stables.

Non-Boarders are welcome to bring their horses to the facility to ride with a boarder. Prior to this a current copy of the Coggins for the horse and a release of liability signed by all riders must be turned in.

Before you look at the release of liability please read the Texas Equine Liability Statute

By opening the release of liability you acknowledge reading the "Texas Equine Liability Statue" and agree to it APPENDIX B release of liability.pdf

Current stall availability is posted here and on the bulletin board at the barn along with contact information for finding more information.

Always speak to a committee member for the latest information general boarders although well meaning are not always the most informed. 

NEW BOARDERS should contact TBA for
details and stall availability

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